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WWE® Pet Collection- Give your dog the Superstar treatment!

The Petmate® WWE collection is the perfect storm. This winning combination brings the massive built-in audience of the WWE Universe together with Petmate’s 50+ years of pet product expertise. With dog toys like the “Money in the Bank” tug, the Superstar squeaky plush and rubber characters, your dog will feel the energy and excitement of the WWE experience!

Wow your dog even further with a championship bed or a superstar collar. In addition to toys, the line offers bedding and collars and leashes inspired by the WWE Divas, John Cena, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin! Your favorite Superstar or Diva can be your dog’s favorite too. Now… scroll down for a sneak peek of the main event coming to a store near you!

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Pump Up Your Pet
There are many obvious benefits to your pet getting proper exercise. It helps your pet maintain proper muscle tone, proper weight, and it improves heart health. Exercise also has other benefits that aren’t tied directly to physical health. Regular exercise can help with your pet’s mood and behavior. It stimulates her mind, which helps her mood and alleviates her tension or anxiety, which can lead to destructive behaviors. In essence, plenty of exercise leads to a happy, healthy pet, which leads to a happy, healthy pet parent. read more >